FISHING REPORT     Pirarucu 2018 Season Fishing Report  |  October 01, 2018

Pirarucu Fishing Report 2018

DATE: Sept.16–27

Water Conditions

Water color: natural
Water level: dropping
Water temperature: ranged between 26–28°C through the week 


Weather Conditions

Temperature: ranged between 28–34°C through the week 
Sunny most of the days, with some showers and overcast skies mid-week

Fishing Conditions

Flies that worked the best: red/black with dumbbell eyes, all white and black/orange – hook 5/0 to 7/0


Total number of fish landed this week:

Arapaima: 23 
Arowana: 198
Tambaqui: 2

Biggest fish landed for the week (length and weight):

Arapaima: 1,75 m and 120 lbs 
Arowana: 80 cm and 5 lbs
Tambaqui: 62 cm and 10 lbs



Jean Paul caught the biggest fish of the week — a great arapaima, measuring 1,75 m!

All the anglers had a good bit of action throughout the week; huge fish came out while jumping, and some giants even broke the lines! 

The photographers and filmmakers from the Fly Fishing Nation came to Pirarucu and took some very good shots of big arapaima! Paulo caught a couple of arapaima, measuring 1,65 m and 1,54 m!