NEWS     The Pirarucu Experience  |  March 17, 2022

During the coming weeks on our social networks and channels, we will bring you a short film about Pirarucú, a premier giant arapaima destination, exclusive to the Mamiraua? Reserve.

Hosted by Jako Lucas, you will discover why Pirarucú is the perfect place for anglers who are looking to chase the largest freshwater fish you can catch with a fly rod. The allure of fly fishing dry flies for arowana and the powerful tambaqui will leave you ready to book your trip.

“Pirarucú is a unique place that holds probably the largest population of wild arapaima on Earth. The number of fish inside the reserve is simply astonishing and there you can find the perfect place to catch many arapaima from 20 to 300lbs on a fly rod! The Mamirauá Reserve also has an incredible population of Arowana and Tambaqui, and without a doubt, there is no better place with consistent Arowana and Tambaqui on the fly. These three species in the same place is a one of a kind experience fly fishing in the jungle.” comments Rodrigo Salles, CEO of Untamed Angling Brazil.