FISHING REPORT     Pirarucu Season 2021 | Fishing Report  |  November 23, 2021

Water conditions:

Water Level – going up

Water Temperature – 27°C


Weather conditions:

Temperature – 30°C

Couple rain showers in the afternoon.


Fishing conditions:

The water is high and we fished inside the lagoons around the main lake with great numbers of arapaima this week. We landed a beast taped at 220 cm!





Highlight of the week:

The highlight of the week all together was the 2 meter fish that our friends Evaldo and Luiz had a blast catching. There were aruanas that were eating every fly in the box - frogs, mice, and hoppers. Aruana fishing is one of the most fun sport fish on the fly rod, without a doubt!


Total number of fish landed in the week:

11 arapaima

137 aruanã

8 pirapitinga


Biggest fish landed in the week:

Pirarucú 220 cm

Aruanã 83 cm

Pirapitinga 40 cm


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