FISHING REPORT     Pirarucu Season 2021 | Fishing Report  |  November 11, 2021


Water Level – Going up fast  Water Temperature – 28°C


Temperature – 30°C

All cloudy days, with some rain.


The water level is still going up, and the fish are moving into the small lakes. This week we landed four nice fish, our biggest being about 170cm. Our friend from Uruguay, Gustavo, put the work in and made things happen in only three days of fishing. After enjoying three great days of fishing, he spent his last two days shooting photos of the incredible birds and wildlife we have here. We landed four fish this week.

Total number of fish landed in the week

4 Arapaima

72  Aruanâ 

Biggest fish landed in the week 1,70 cm

Pirarucu 1,70cm 

Aruanâ 83 cm

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