FISHING REPORT     Pirarucu Season 2021 | Fishing Report  |  October 25, 2021

Pirarucu Lodge Fishing Report 2021
Week 4 | 8 clients   
October 10 to 15 

Water Conditions:
Water Level – Dropping
Water Temperature – 27°C

Weather Conditions:
Temperature – 34°C
All beautiful sunny days.

Fishing Conditions:
The water is still dropping and the fish are hungry for our friends Diane, Jerry and Xavi, who came back to fish with us this week.

The highlight:
Diane holds the lodge record and perhaps the women’s world record for arapaima on a fly rod. Her husband Jerry, who is also a great angler, came prepared and caught an even bigger fish than his wife! The main debate now is who the real arapaima master is, and it can only be settled by another trip back to the lodge!

The boys from Seattle also did an amazing job this week, and our new friend Will watched a monster break his line.

Total number of fish landed in the week 24
Arapaima: 24
Aruanâ: 77 
Tambaquis: 08

Biggest fish landed in the week
Pirarucu: 215 cm
Aruanâ: 85 cm 
Tambaqui: 52 cm