FISHING REPORT     Pirarucu Season 2021 | Fishing Report  |  September 21, 2021

WEEK#1 | 8 clients (6 Brazilians 1 Swedish and 1 German)

Water Level: Little high
Water Temperature: 26°C

Temperature: 34°C
All beautiful sunny days with a couple smaller rain showers in the afternoon. 


With our water a little higher, we have been able to fish inside the lagoons around the main lake. The flooding season this year was huge so the water is still higher than usual for this time of year. The lake was untouched for almost two years and the number of happy Arapaima inside is insane!

The highlight of the week was our client Eduardo catching a two meters and thirteen centimeters Arapaima. 

Total number of fish landed in the week:
25 Arapaima
126 Aruanâ
18 Tambaquis

Biggest fish landed in the week:
Pirarucu: 2,13 cm 
Aruanâ: 86 cm 
Tambaqui: 61 cm 

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