FISHING REPORT     Pirarucu 2019 Season Fishing Report  |  October 13, 2019

Water Conditions

The water levels came up some during the week and temperatures were approximately 24°C.

Weather Conditions

Temperatures were about 29°C, and we had a couple of nights with some rain.


Fishing Conditions

For our fifth week of the season, we were joined by some great anglers, including Richard, Chris, Diane (one of the toughest anglers were have ever met), and our friend Jako Lucas. All amazing anglers, they did very well on the water, and among the many highlights was landing the largest arapaima of the season — a 2m, 37cm giant. We also landed well over 30-40 arowana. The water came up some, and that normally helps with number of fish caught. And to our surprise, we had some success with arapaima taking poppers!

Total number of fish landed during the week: 92

Biggest fish landed during the week:

-Arapaima: 237cm
-Tambaqui: 64cm 
-Arowana: 83cm