September 28, 2019

Pirarucu 2019 Season Fishing Report

Pirarucu Lodge Fishing Report
Week 2: September 20-24, 2019

Water Conditions

The water levels have been dropping, and the temperatures were approximately 24°C.

Weather Conditions

There was some cloud cover, but no rain yet. Temperatures were approximately 30°C.

Fishing Conditions

It was a fun week of fishing in the jungle with some old friends. As he always does, “Lucky John” landed a monster arapaima and a big tambaqui — this one 62cm. Our guests caught over 80 arowana — all on the surface and with sight fishing. 

The water is dropping very fast, and we expect fishing next week to be even better. 

Total number of fish landed during the week:

Biggest fish landed during the week:

-Arapaima: 197cm
-Tambaqui: 62cm 
-Arowana: 81cm