Untamed Angling has developed a unique and groundbreaking model that opens the gates of these marvelous fisheries to the angling community. From its beginnings each project is developed in complete cooperation with and endorsement by the local communities. These communities are our partners and directly benefit from our operations. We applied their famous concept of partnering with Local Amazon Communities and their Associations when they established a long term Project with Mamiraua Communities and their representative Association

and the Environmental Dept of Amazon. This project purpose is to create a sustainable way to develop new productive alternatives for their life while at the same time, protecting their land and culture and improving they life quality. Pirarucu, is the first and only exclusive fly-fishing only project allowed and supported by Brazilian Government with focus on Arapaima. Environmental Officials worked together with the local Association to create these very first official sport fishing operations in Brazil.

Involving Local

Pirarucu project was based as a long-term environmental and social project which supports the preservation of the Arapaima and fish species inside Mamirauá Reserve and all local communities there by improving their quality of life. The local association are the mangers and participate in all aspects of this world class fishing project.

Scientific Biological Research
and Wilderness Protection

We cooperate with government fisheries management officials and various other government agencies in developing research programs and the collection of biological data to further understand the fishery and ecosystems. The data we secure will be used to ensure that our waters, the surrounding ecosystem and local people will maintain their vitality and be protected for generations.

Environmental Stewardship
and Sustainability

We promote and practice sustainable operations through the use of renewable energy, proper waste treatment, recycling, and minimal environmental impact to reduce our footprint. Unlike other tourism enterprises, our destinations, purposely accommodates small groups of anglers in an effort to reduce environmental and social impact but keeping high value in each package.

World Class Catch and
Release Fly Fishing:

We work in a unique Arapaima environment, perhaps the last and biggest reserve in the planet for this fish. Our goal is to provide anglers the very best fishing experience in its class. We respect the magnificent jungle fish and share the same belief as our local partners. Protect Arapaima will keep this fishery protected for generations and will help local communities to move forward in a sustainable activity.

Legal Authorities, Endorsement
and Permits

We work very closely and cooperatively with government agencies and local native communities in securing and maintaining the proper permits and licenses. This guarantees the exclusive use and control of the Arapaima world-class fishery ensuring a sustainable and non-consumptive use of the resource.


Untamed Angling has designed a unique working platform for all its projects: a team formed by a professional and a native guide working together. The pro guide provides specific technical skills and the native guide intensive knowledge of the forest and the fish. Simple logistics for our guest make Pirarucu the easiest to reach yet remote jungle destination available. The lodge is located in the heart of the reserve and is unique eco buildings with the exclusive service and attention.


Mamirauá was the first Sustainable Development Reserve in Brazil, legislated by the Government of Amazonas in 1996, and remains the largest arapaima reserve in the world.

Mamirauá Reserve

Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve is a state protected area with an extension of 1.124.000 ha, located between Solimões, Japurá and Auti-Paraná rivers. It’s the biggest protected flooded forest in the world. Only 4% of Brazilian Amazon consists of freshwater swamp forest and Mamirauá Reserve plays an important role to protect this ecosystem. It’s inserted in the Central Amazon Corridor and it’s part of the Amazon Biosphere Reserve. Besides, it’s a recognized Brazilian reserve by Ramsar Convention, that protects wetlands of great importance.


Every year the reserve goes through high and low water levels. The variation among the crest of these two stages is about 10 to 12 meters. The flood variation, the geological history and geography of the place give Mamirauá high levels of endemism and particular species. The water in the core of the reserve is called “black water” in the Amazon, which, despite dark tinting from jungle leaves, is actually quite clear, allowing for sight casting opportunities for a variety of different species.

Eco Tourism: Family Activities

Mamirauá is a perfect place for non-angler companion to experience the Amazon jungle. The lodge offers an extensive program of daily-guided (English speaking guides) tours and activities, making this destination a perfect family trip.

Bird and Dolphin

September - December

The season at Pirarucú runs from September to the end of November. The dry season in this part of the Amazon runs from July through January so this season straddles the middle of the dry season when water should be low and fish congregating in the lakes and channels. November 30th marks the end of fishing due to special regulations from the environmental authorities in Brazil who close any kind of fishing for Arapaima throughout the Amazon to protect juvenile fish.

The floating lodge is simply unique.

Comfortable and beautiful it is constructed of local woods following the CAboclos local style it is utilized during other times of year as a ecoturism lodge primarily for birdwatching and wildlife viewing (the area is one of the top five birdwatching areas in the Amazon).
The lodge has ten floating cabins each with twoen suite rooms four of which have been refurbished to accommodate our angling guests. The main lodge building features a dining room living room and kitchen.

Everything is on the water connected with wood platforms. The lodge is located in the heart of the reserve with very short run times to the fishing in fact most days guests will return to the lodge for a well-prepared lunch before returning for an afternoon fishing session. Satellite phone and internet are available.

Pirarucú is located within the Mamirauá Reserve about 600km west of Manaus a complex of lakes and channels between the Solimoes River and Japura River. Guests fly first to Manaus Brazil most U.S. guests will reserve flights to Manaus out of Miami normally flying on American Airlines or TAM. They will have a night at the five star hotel and depart the next morning via commercial jet liner to the city of Tefé (1 hour) from Tefe a fast boat will transport them to Pirarucú (1 hour). Pirarucú is the easiest logistics

jungle destination available! Anglers will enjoy an all-inclusive package (except international and domestic flights) with a five days of fishing plus six nights lodging including the first night at the Tropical Hotel Shorter programs and combo trips with Rio Marié are also available. The maximum group size is six anglers. Pirarucú is a perfect destination for non anglers and families since the Uakari lodge run a very well planned and long time recognized eco tourism programs for Bird Watching Wild Life.

expeditions. Photo safaris. Canoeing. Experiencing the local culture and nature.

“Mamirauá is the largest Arapaima Reserve in the world”


Every week we share with you how the fishing is going on.


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